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The Last and Final Word You Will Ever Need on Music and Worship

Of course, that is a juvenile and wildly foolish title for an article; but in light of the seemingly endless other silly and inane comments often made about worship music, what’s one more to the mix? Within the American church, few topics have brought out more absurdity, immaturity, or blind passion, than the discussion of “what shall the music in our worship services be like?” There are of course exceptions, but if one listens to the discussion in Bible School classes, small groups, hallway chatter, Sunday aisle reactions, blogs or car rides home…well, let’s just say it has often been less than our finest moments.

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Making Disciples Who Look Like Jesus…How Does Your Church Do It?

We probably agree in general on what a disciple should look like - he or she should look and behave like Jesus! He should love the truth, live courageously, love compassionately, walk in purity, pray passionately, pursue the weak, teach with boldness, model meekness…and the sweet montage continues. Perhaps the most precious and radiant picture on earth is that of a mature disciple of Jesus, for that man or woman reflects the glory of God.

But how do we make such disciples?

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Facing Difficult Wedding Issues with Grace

There is nothing quite as pristine and clean as a newborn set of standards. There is nothing quite as bruised and battered as the veteran set conscientiously applied. When it comes to marriages, our church is like yours; we realize there are high standards we must take. There is so much at stake: for the sake of the Lord’s good name, for the sake of Godly homes, for the good of adults and children, for this culture and the generations to follow, the church must never compromise her high view of the home. The church, in helping people become Kingdom people, will always find herself at the front door of homes.

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