Session 6 - How to Have a Spiritual Home

Bible Reference: Psalms 23, 127, 139; Philippians 4:4-13; Colossians 3:12-21; and I Peter 1:3-9

When we were children, we believed that physical nakedness would be the most difficult thing to overcome in marriage. We were wrong. It turns out that “spiritual nakedness” is the greatest barrier every couple has to overcome. To let my spouse see my heart before God is to reveal the most intimate part of my life. Individuals often attempt to hide that portion of their lives; sometimes because they have secrets they want to hide. It is one thing if God knows how shallow, weak, afraid, or hypocritical I am; it is another thing if my mate really knows. So, we simply keep the spiritual blinds pulled tightly down.

For other couples, it is not so much secrets as it is “we don’t know how.” They have never learned to share their heart and deepest faith with anyone. If spiritual transparency never comes to these couples, they will never be as completely one as they would like to be. The starting point for change is having the courage to begin to let your mate hear you pray for them. To let your husband or wife hear your heart as you reveal it to God is to fully include your mate in your life. The couple who practices this will become one in heart.

Those who are transparent before God are also changed by Him. To live before my Creator with humility and reverence, to live with my God in obedience to Him is to restore my own life to wholeness. Anything less produces a lesser me. If I have trouble living in harmony with my Creator, I will also have trouble with most everything else in life. The best marriages have both people running to God and sharing the journey. There are, of course, marriages where that journey is not fully shared. Those marriages can still have love and tenderness, they can still raise their children and be a home; they are just never quite the homes they could be.